Gramener featured in ‘Kantar Information is Beautiful’ Awards

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Visuals speak louder than words. The Kantar – Information is Beautiful Awards is a justice to this quote. The award celebrates excellence and beauty in data visualizations, infographics, interactives & information art. It is judged by a panel of experts and a public vote from the 300,000 strong community. 
3 of Gramener’s visual stories got longlisted for the awards.

  1. Lionel Messi – A Data Portrait,
  2. Bill and Melinda Gates – A Data Portrait,
  3. An interactive Infographic explaining the challenges women face in the world.

The data portrait of Lionel Messi shows every single goal or shot by Messi. It is arranged as colored squares that shape into Messi’s photograph.

The data portrait of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – Global Grand Challenge shows 2,930 grants commissioned by the foundation through the global grand challenges initiative.

The challenges women face in the world interactive infographic is our attempt to show the struggles of women in the quest for economic opportunities. The infographic is based on the results of a survey published by the World Bank.

At Gramener, we are interested in telling data stories in new and interactive visual formats. These stories were a result of such explorations. We try to make more every time we get a shot on public data. We also made a data portrait of Donald Trump based on his tweets in 2017.
Congratulations to Richie Lionell & Ramya Mylavarapu who created these visualizations!

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