Gramener at Microsoft Azure DataFest 2018 in Virginia

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The “Azure DataFest: Microsoft Azure Advance Analytics and Big Data Conference” is a 2-day Data Science/AI convention starting on 11th October 2018 at the Microsoft offices, Reston, Virginia.

Ganes Kesari, Gramener’s  Co-founder, will be speaking on “AI Goes Mainstream: Deep Learning in the Enterprises” on the first day of the event. Ganes’ talk will focus on the applications of deep learning that are going mainstream across industries. He will walk through a few deep learning solutions via case studies implemented in platforms such as Azure DSVM, CNTK and Batch AI.  

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On the second day of the event, Ganes is conducting a 4-hour hands-on workshop on “How to build engaging Data Stories?“.  The takeaway for the participants will be a real-time hands-on data storytelling experience through BI tools.

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