Gramener’s Information Security Management System is ISO 27001:2013 Certified

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We must inspire a commitment to security rather than merely describing it.

Mich Kabay

Greetings to all,
With our continued commitment towards Information Security, we feel extremely delighted to announce to our phenomenal clients, outstanding partners, and extraordinary team at Gramener that we are an ISO 27001:2013 certified organization.
We underwent standardized audit to evaluate our processes, focusing on continual improvement of information security.

Gramener proof of ISO 27001:2013 Certification
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What is ISO 27001:2013 Certification?

ISO 27001:2013 is a globally recognized standard known for managing risks to the security of data you possess. We are a data science company and deal with information and data all the time. With this certification, we have strengthened our risk mitigation approaches when it comes to managing the security of your data.

How the Information Security Management certification can help our clients?
Protection of client’s information is the topmost priority and we at Gramener dedicate our undivided attention to it. In addition to being compliant with security regulations, it also reinforces the trust factor among clients. The clients can benefit from this news as we:

  • Keep the confidential information safe.
  • Augment confidence in customers and stakeholders on risk mitigation.
  • Offer a set of standardized requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • Roll out a process-based approach for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, maintaining, and improving the ISMS
  • Improve Organizational Awareness
  • Build a culture of security.

We thank everyone in team Gramener for their outstanding contribution that led us to this landmark.

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