Gramener in 2023: A Quick Recap of Our Journey Last Year

A quick recap of Gramener's journey in 2023
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🥂 Toast to the ones here today!! 🥂 

As 2023 is a wrap, we want to share our heartfelt gratitude and raise a toast to the leadership team, our clients, employees, and social media followers for giving us a year full of excitement, incredible projects, fun, celebration, acquisition, and much more.

This year, 2023, was beyond belief as we got the opportunity to see Generative AI in action. We have been doing data and advanced analytics since our inception, and it was breathtaking to see how these new Large Language Models (LLMs) have changed how we add value to our clients and partners.

We have become a part of this disruptive innovation. Here’s a sneak peek at what happened with/at Gramener in 2023.

The Biggest News Of The Year: We Got Acquired by Straive

Straive, a leader in helping organizations operationalize data -> insights -> knowledge -> AI value chain acquired Gramener to enhance their data & Analytics capabilities. Straive is owned by BPEA EQT, part of EQT, a purpose-driven global investment organization focused on active ownership strategies. Learn more about what this acquisition brings to the table and how it will help our clients.

Straive Acquires Gramener to Enhance Data, Analytics & AI Capabilities

We Didn’t Miss Out On Client Appreciation

When our PowerPoint automation product, Slidesense, created ~150K data-driven slides for The E.W.Scripps Company, their Director of Insights and Analytics, Jessica Neilsen, came on the record to appreciate our work. Nothing is more powerful than a strong testimony from a happy client.

SlideSense Success Story: Automating 150K Powerpoint Slides for E.W. Scripps!

On Our Way Through The Year, We Achieved Recognition

  • Gold Globee Award for Best AI Deployment: We won the prestigious Gold Globee Award for outstanding AI solutions deployment in disaster management. We got this recognition because of our remarkable collaboration with Microsoft and SEEDS India, where we came in as a data science partner and leveraged AI to enhance community resilience and optimize disaster response strategies. Read the full news here.
  • Top Data Science Service Providers 2023: Recently, AIMResearch announced Gramener as a critical challenger in the Penetration-Maturity (PeMa) Quadrant, 2023. Read the full news here.
  • Top GenAI Service Providers 2023: We achieved a remarkable milestone by securing a coveted position in the Challengers category of Analytics India Magazine’s (AIM) Penetration and Maturity Quadrant (PeMa) for Top Generative AI Service Providers in 2023. Read the full news here.
  • SOC 2 Type 2 Certification: We achieved SOC2 Type 1 certification last year. This year, we achieved the coveted SOC2 Type 2 certification, which further solidifies our commitment to information security and reinforces our position as a trusted data science partner. More on this here.

Some Great Resources From Our Expert’s Pen

  • [White Paper] Top Enterprise Generative AI Use Cases: We have published a white paper on how Generative AI (GenAI) is helping various business functions to enhance productivity, R&D, CX, and more. In addition, we have listed the top 10 GenAI use cases for sectors, including pharma & healthcare, customer operation, product development, software engineering, supply chain, marketing & sales, and more. Download the white paper here.
  • [White Paper] Clinical Trials Data Privacy: Download this informative whitepaper to dive deep into the various data redaction and anonymization techniques to ensure patient data privacy. Understand how our AInonymize platform masked patients’ private data during clinical trials. Download our white paper here.
  • [White Paper] Automated Fleet Management with AI: Download this whitepaper and find out how data can help your fleets optimize performance and ensure the safety of your drivers. Understand how our Automated Fleet Management powered by AI ensures optimal efficiency and real-time decision-making. Download our white paper here.
  • [White Paper] Building Urban Resilience with AI: Download this whitepaper to understand how building urban resilience using data & AI techniques can create resilient urban ecosystems and promote sustainability. See how we leverage the power of artificial intelligence to optimize infrastructure, enhance disaster preparedness, and build sustainable, adaptable urban environments. Download our white paper here.
  • [Webinar] Exploring Generative AI in Pharma: We organized an insightful and informative webinar with Novartis, that delves into the possibilities and practical applications of Generative AI in revolutionizing clinical trial design, data analysis, and regulatory compliance. The webinar was a big hit and was attended by pharma leaders and decision-makers across the globe. Watch the full webinar here.

Some Of The Best Gen AI Projects We Did Across Industries

  • Conversational AI Bot: Transforming Data into Insights
  • Research Paper Summarization: Empowering Medical Minds
  • Sentiment Analysis: Embracing Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotion Detection: Decoding Customer Sentiments

Get more details on the top 10 Gen AI projects we did this year.

Some Knowledge Bits From Our Thought Leaders

  • [Podcast-cum-interview] Our CEO, Anand S, shared his view on the trustworthiness of language models, especially large ones like GPT-3, a critical and evolving concern in an AIM Research article. Read more.
  • [Thought leadership article] Sunil Kardam, Gramener’s Supply Chain Head, shared his opinion on what manufacturers need to know about optimizing operations with computer vision in a VentureBeat article. Read more.
  • [Thought leadership article] Sundeep Reddy Mallu, our head of ESG & Analytics, expressed his opinion on the need for data analytics to flood-proof property investment in a Hackernoon article. Read more.
  • [Podcast] Our Co-founder and COO, Naveen Gattu, shared nuggets from his entrepreneurial journey and what it means to be acquired by Strive. He highlights Gramener’s roadmap to building innovative solutions and strong partnerships in the future. Listen to the full podcast here.
  • [Thought leadership article] Nutan B., our Vice President of Consulting, shared his opinion on why digital transformation is integral to success in healthcare in this IT Business Net article. Read more.
  • [Podcast] In an intriguing podcast, S Anand, engaged with Kathirmani Sukumar, Co-founder of Quelit, to discuss the profound impact of Large Language Models (LLMs). Listen to the full podcast here.

We take this opportunity to thank all of you for following us for interesting data insights and wish you all a prosperous new year ahead!

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