Gramener is in AIM’s Top Gen AI Service Providers 2023 Penetration – Maturity (PeMa) Quadrant 

Gramener grabs a spot in AIM's Top Gen AI Service Providers 2023 Penetration - Maturity (PeMa) Quadrant
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Gramener, a leading player in the Generative AI landscape, has achieved a remarkable milestone by securing a coveted position in the Challengers category of Analytics India Magazine’s (AIM) Penetration and Maturity Quadrant (PeMa) for Top Generative AI Service Providers in 2023.

In this prestigious recognition, Gramener stands out as a dynamic force in the market, showcasing a substantial presence across diverse sectors and regions. The Challengers Quadrant signifies vendors that possess a significant market share and demonstrate consistent growth. Gramener’s accomplishment underscores its prowess in building proficient teams that deliver end-to-end services while leveraging cutting-edge technology.

AIM emphasizes the pivotal role played by Generative AI service providers as catalysts of innovation, shaping the landscape of AI-powered applications across industries. These providers, like Gramener, are characterized by their diverse and tailored offerings, addressing specific business needs and challenges across sectors ranging from healthcare to finance.

Sundeep, Head of Analytics at Gramener, expressed the company’s commitment to innovation, stating,

“Gramener’s early adoption of GPT3 and GAN’s models has allowed us to refine our ability to adopt these model outputs for business needs. We feel the joy today when GAI based solutions are deployed across Pharma, Supply chain and ESG client engagements.”

Naveen, COO of Gramener, emphasized the company’s dedication to client needs and evolving challenges, stating,

“Gramener is dedicated to driving transformative growth through innovative Gen AI solutions. Our position in the Challengers Quadrant reflects our unwavering focus on delivering diverse and impactful value to our clients.

AIMResearch’s PeMa Quadrant serves as a valuable tool for businesses navigating the complex Generative AI landscape. By evaluating service providers on market penetration and Maturity, the Quadrant assists businesses in making informed decisions and aligning with providers that best meet their unique requirements. Gramener’s strong market presence and proficiency in delivering cutting-edge solutions position it as a strategic partner for businesses seeking innovation and transformation in the AI space.

Earlier this year, Gramener was also mentioned in AIM’s Top Data Science Service Providers PeMa Quadrant. Read the full news here.

gramener's generative ai solutions are for companies from manufacturing, logistics, supply chain, and pharmaceuticals sector.
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