Top Generative AI Companies & Service Providers in 2024

Top Generative AI Companies
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Generative AI has disrupted the technology landscape with impeccable capabilities like never seen before with large language models (LLMs) like GPT-3 and GPT-4. With this technological disruption, companies are adapting Generative AI to enhance their offerings by integrating LLMs into their solution architecture. In this blog, we have shortlisted the top Generative AI companies based on AIM’s PeMA Quadrant 2023.

What is AIM’s PeMA Quadrant?

AIMResearch’s PeMa Quadrant serves as a tool crafted to assist businesses in navigating the complexities of the landscape. Through a thorough evaluation of service providers across various dimensions, the Quadrant facilitates informed decision-making, ensuring businesses form partnerships with providers aligned with their unique requirements.

Categorizing Service Providers

The PeMa Quadrant classifies service providers into Seasoned Vendors, Challengers, Leaders, and Growth Vendors. Each category showcases distinct strengths and areas for development. This systematic categorization assists businesses in aligning with providers that correspond to their specific growth trajectory and innovation preferences.

Top Generative AI Companies and Service Providers


Such Gen AI service providers have a significant market presence across many sectors or regions and show steady growth. These vendors have built teams that can provide end-to-end services while utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Challenger category companies, with smaller sizes and a more focused range of Gen AI services, possess a unique advantage that larger counterparts cannot match.


Gramener is enlisted as the top GenAI company in the ‘Challenger’ category by the PeMA Quadrant. It’s a design-led data science company. Gramener builds custom Data & AI solutions that help solve complex business problems with actionable insights and compelling data stories. Established in 2010, Gramener has been at the forefront of data engineering with an impeccable range of services. These services are Computer Vision, Digital Twin, Geospatial Analytics, Unstructured Analytics, Data Engineering, and Generative AI.

Being an early GenAI adopter, Gramener is already working on a plethora of generative AI projects in the Pharma, Supply Chain, and Technology domains.

Decimal Point Analytics

Decimal Point Analytics operates as a contemporary, technology-enabled financial research consulting company. The synergy of machine learning algorithms and a skilled professional team empowers the organization to build distinctive products, real-time services, and solutions for its clients. The company’s unparalleled value proposition has garnered increasing appreciation from clients globally. The company is using large language models (LLMs) for RFP response management, news generation, and analysis of structured data.

Beans AI

Beans AI offers software-as-a-service (SaaS) with real-time location-based capabilities, transforming spatial data into intelligent operational solutions. Anchored in location-based data management and data science, facilitates the generation of actionable insights, predicting Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETAs), optimizing asset utilization, devising efficient operations plans, and safeguarding against failure scenarios. Recognized by Gartner, Fast Company, Business Insider, and Forbes, employs a patented approach to data. The company takes pride in its client roster, which includes esteemed names like FedEx, OnTrack, Optima, Instacart, Rently, LSO, and Point Pickup.

Valiance Analytics

Valiance Analytics specializes in delivering digital transformation solutions to clients, leveraging their expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Data engineering, and cloud technologies. The company’s primary goal is to assist clients in unlocking the full value of their data through a personalized consultative approach that emphasizes achieving high-impact, quick gains initially.

Valiance offers GenAI solutions such as Document Search and Generative BI for manufacturing, insurance, and EdTech sectors.

Valiance facilitates digital transformation in diverse areas such as personalization, marketing analytics, customer 360, demand forecasting, credit risk, fraud detection, customer engagement, data lakes, data quality, and more.


Tenzai operates as a purpose-driven AI company, co-founded by leaders in data science who envision empowering organizations to harness the potential of AI fully. Their commitment to the true purpose of AI sets them apart, going beyond the hype and advocating for the democratization of AI through accessible, scalable, and responsible solutions.

The company’s distinctive approach to solutions and services plays a pivotal role in empowering Fortune 1000 organizations to address intricate business challenges across major verticals such as Retail, Consumer Product Goods, Financial Services, and Healthcare through the implementation of AI and Data Science.

In addition to delivering transformative solutions, Tenzai engages in collaborations with global universities and research institutions. This collaborative effort aims to bring forth innovative products and concepts in exponential technologies, contributing to advancements in the field.


The boutique data science firm is dedicated to empowering businesses with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, offering end-to-end services for all AI solutions. The team takes comprehensive steps to facilitate AI capabilities for organizations, encompassing tasks such as building data engineering pipelines, facilitating cloud migration, developing data products for AI model validation, and conducting QA. The firm provides a complete range of services to ensure the success of organizations in their AI endeavors.

Intelekt AI

Intelekt AI is a rapidly expanding AI-enabled business process automation platform and ecosystem. The platform, operating as an end-to-end solution, provides users access to a continuously expanding library of pre-trained machine learning and generative AI models. These models are ready to be seamlessly integrated with users’ data sources, allowing them to effortlessly build and launch AI applications that handle tasks efficiently, even in their absence.

The company’s mission is to empower small and medium businesses, propelling them towards becoming the enterprises of tomorrow. By democratizing access to AI, Intelekt AI facilitates rapid growth for businesses, making it simple for SMBs and selected enterprises to harness the power of AI for scaling operations, generating revenue, and overall business expansion.

Growth Vendors

Growth vendors are the top leaders in their respective industries with remarkable revenue generation. However, these companies are still behind the market leaders in terms of their maturity of delivery capabilities.

SG Analytics

SG Analytics is a global company specializing in ESG, Data Analytics, and Investment & Market Research services within the realm of Global Insights and Analytics. In the GenAI landscape, SG Analytics provides deep-learning AI chatbots that create competitive content alongside human-created material. This strategic approach provides businesses with a distinct advantage in the contemporary marketplace.


Agilisium stands out as a premier company with a specialization in Research and Development (R&D) and Engineering Lab services. It offers clients expert guidance in developing GenAI, Advanced Analytics, Insights Applications, and Solutions. The company’s extensive range of services encompasses Consulting, Advisory, Engineering, and Talent Services.

Agilisium specializes in Life Science, Pharma, BioPharma, and Biotech Industries, actively expediting Drug Discovery, Commercialization, and Patient Care with cutting-edge Data and GenAI solutions.

This company offers GenInInsights as a GenAI-powered platform for analytics purposes.

Seasoned Vendors

These companies demonstrate excellent technical abilities and consulting expertise. They have already created a niche in the GenAI market. Still, these companies need to strive constantly to meet the standards set by the leaders.

Sibia AI

Sibia, a company under the Adani Group, offers affordable analytics to achieve inspired and informed results directly impacting revenue and returns. It uses business expertise and AI/ML to create solutions, bridging data gaps for revenue generation based on client needs.

Sibia’s AI/ML service portfolio encompasses Natural Language Processing, LLM, Computer Vision, Predictive Analytics, Speech Recognition, Recommendation Engine, and Conversational AI. The company facilitates businesses in harnessing AI/ML technologies through strategy consulting, data science, solution design, intelligent automation, and operations consulting. This comprehensive approach helps identify opportunities for innovation, efficiency, and growth.

Indus Net Technologies

INT is a leading full-stack software engineering solutions company with a 25-year legacy, serving 500+ clients & completing 11,000+ projects. Today, after an eventful journey of two and a half decades, INT. is synonymous with innovation, trust, and sustainability.


Aays is acknowledged as a rapidly growing Data Science and AI firm that collaborates with Fortune 1000 companies. Specializing in data engineering and AI-driven solutions, the company serves industries such as consumer packaged goods, food & beverage, retail, manufacturing, and automotive.

Polestar Solutions

Polestar Solutions is a data analytics company that helps clients in extracting sophisticated insights from their data in a value-oriented manner. Offering a comprehensive range of services, from analytics foundation to analytics innovation initiatives, the company plays a pivotal role in helping businesses thrive with data.


In high demand in the market, these vendors have a proven track record of global expansion and success across various sectors. Their teams possess unmatched expertise and skillsets, delivering comprehensive services with the latest cutting-edge technology always at the forefront.


EY GDS operates with the mission of building a better working world, striving to create long-term value for clients, people, and society while fostering trust in the capital markets.

Leveraging data and technology, EY’s diverse teams span over 150 countries, offering trust through assurance and assisting clients in their growth, transformation, and operations.

Tiger Analytics

Tiger Analytics stands as a global leader in AI and Analytics, providing Fortune 1000 companies with solutions to overcome their most challenging issues. The company delivers comprehensive fullstack AI and analytics services to empower businesses, ensuring tangible outcomes and scalable value.

Committed to pushing AI and analytics boundaries, Tiger Analytics helps enterprises navigate uncertainty and progress decisively.

The team, comprising over 4000 technologists and consultants, operates in the US, Canada, the UK, India, Singapore, and Australia.

Tiger Analytics collaborates with clients in CPG, Retail, Insurance, BFS, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, and Healthcare.

The company has also secured positions on ‘Best’ and ‘Fastest Growing’ analytics firms lists by Inc., Economic Times, and AIM.


Genpact is a global professional services firm that drives transformative outcomes for its clients, shaping the future of their businesses.

With over 115,000 global employees, Genpact cultivates an inclusive culture, empowering teams with the freedom to experiment and seize opportunities.

This dynamic approach turns vision into reality for clients, including numerous Fortune Global 500 companies. Genpact leverages deep business and industry expertise, collaborative innovation, and diverse perspectives to deliver tangible results.

The firm’s innovative Data-Tech-AI services offer clients a competitive edge, playing a crucial role in business design, development, and transformation.

EXL Service

EXL is your dedicated business evolution partner, specializing in tailored solutions that leverage data for informed decisions and enhanced digital operations. Whether scaling AI, redesigning models, or improving decision speed, EXL collaborates for competitive advantage with efficient, sustainable solutions. Their expertise in transformation, data science, and change management ensures enhanced efficiency, customer relations, and revenue growth. By focusing on impactful strategies and utilizing analytics, digital interventions, and operations management, EXL helps clients outperform the competition. It’s all about delivering tailored outcomes and optimizing data to drive business success.

Course5 Intelligence

Course5 Intelligence propels organizations through the digital business landscape, driving strategic decisions with analytics, insights, and AI. Clients experience improved results and enhanced agility, not just addressing today’s challenges but reshaping for the future. Course5 blends human and machine intelligence, leveraging disruptive technologies for lasting value in analytics, digital, and research solutions.


Fractal is a leading Generative AI service provider for Fortune 500® companies, envisioning AI-powered decisions in enterprises. With businesses like Crux Intelligence and, it spans AI applications for business intelligence, sustainability, and revenue growth. Recognized globally, Fractal incubated for healthcare AI. With 4000+ employees across 16 locations, the company is a leader in analytics and AI services, according to Forrester Research & Everest Group


USEReady, a data and analytics firm, equips businesses with the strategies, tools, capability, and capacity to transform their data. The company collaborates with industry leaders in the cloud and data ecosystem, including Tableau, Salesforce, Snowflake, and Amazon Web Services.


TheMathCompany, also known as MathCo®, is a renowned generative AI service provider. Trusted for enabling data-driven decision-making by major organizations across industries, MathCo was established in 2016. The company specializes in constructing custom data products through its innovative hybrid model, transferring intellectual property ownership to clients.

MathCo’s proprietary platform, NucliOS, features pre-built workflows and reusable plug-and-play modules.

End Notes

Gramener’s Generative AI services help businesses by leveraging LLMs, to deliver innovative solutions and the applications of Generative AI across various industries. From enhancing data visualization to providing tailored enterprise solutions, Gramener’s expertise in Generative AI ensures clients stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

Contact us today to learn more about our generative AI services, solutions, projects, and book free demos.

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