Gramener won the Gold Globee® Award for Best AI Deployment 

Gold Globee Award
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We are thrilled to share the exciting news that we have been honored with the prestigious Gold Globee® Award for the best AI deployment. This accolade recognizes our efforts in improving carrier turn times by an impressive 15% through our AI/ML-driven Intelligent Appointment Scheduler for North America’s leading cold chain logistics company, United States Cold Storage.

A Collaborative Triumph

Utilizing our low-code platform, Gramex, we crafted custom data and AI solutions tailored to their specific needs. Central to this project was the creation of the Intelligent Appointment Scheduler (IAS), a machine learning-based system that dramatically improved the efficiency of the dock scheduling process.

The IAS has proven to be a game-changer for US Cold Storage, optimizing appointment scheduling and enhancing overall operational efficiency. The system’s intelligent algorithms analyze various factors to determine the best scheduling slots, minimizing delays and maximizing productivity. This approach has not only improved carrier turn times but also streamlined operations, leading to significant cost savings and enhanced customer satisfaction.

The Gold Globee® Award is a testament to our commitment to excellence in AI deployment. To secure this coveted award, entrants must achieve an average score of 9.0 or the highest in their category, underscoring superior performance, innovation, and leadership in AI. Our achievement in meeting and exceeding these criteria highlights our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what AI can accomplish.

This recognition is more than just an award; it is a celebration of our team’s hard work, creativity, and relentless pursuit of excellence. It acknowledges our ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive real-world impact and underscores our leadership in the AI industry.

The Future of AI in Cold Chain Management

As we celebrate this milestone, we remain focused on the future. The success of the IAS project with US Cold Storage is just the beginning. We are committed to further advancing AI technologies to transform cold chain management and beyond. Our vision is to continue developing innovative solutions that address industry challenges, improve efficiency, and deliver tangible benefits to our clients.

Read more about our award-winning US Cold Storage case study to get deeper insights on this topic and learn how our AI solutions are making a difference in the world of cold chain logistics. 

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