Silk Board Traffic

It’s fas­cin­at­ing to watch the ebb and flow of traf­fic in Bangalore. Here’s an an­im­a­tion of the Monday traf­fic at the Silk Board junc­tion, which is no­tori­ous for con­ges­tion.

Through the night, the traf­fic is fairly slow. But from around 5:00am, a slow build-up of traf­fic starts from the south. This is mainly the com­mer­cial and bus traf­fic from Tamil Nadu en­ter­ing Bangalore, to the point that there is a jam on Hosur Road by 5:30am. This sta­bil­ises by around 6:30am though.

Up to 7:30am, the junc­tion is fairly free. From then on, the heavy traf­fic builds up on the east-west Outer Ring Road. Eastward traf­fic from BTM lay­out and Westward traf­fic from HSR lay­out get bottleneck-ed at the sig­nal. The north-south Hosur Road is re­l­at­ively free.

But by 8:30am the sig­nal is com­pletely choked and stays that way through the morn­ing.

This con­tin­ues un­til post-lunch, when the traf­fic gently lets up. At 2:30pm, Silk Board isn’t dan­ger­ous.

But by 3:30pm traf­fic starts build­ing up again to the point that by 5:30pm the sig­nal is com­pletely choked.

By 6:30pm, Silk board is a sig­nal you don’t want to cross. It would save you an hour to get off your vehicle, walk a kilo­metre across the sig­nal, and get in­to an­other vehicle.

By around 11:00pm, the traf­fic has let off.

Sunday Traffic

On the oth­er hand, Sunday is a sig­ni­fic­antly bet­ter ex­per­i­ence. There’s really heavy traf­fic only between 5:00pm to 8:00pm.

About the images

We used Selenium to take screen­shots of Bangalore traf­fic every 5 minutes from Google Maps and an­im­ated these. ImageMagick helped crop to Silk Board and an­im­ate it as GIFs.