Rwanda Rising

Rwanda today is synonymous with ‘growth’. The Sub-Saharan African nation has taken long strides in building an economy that was once in rubbles. The recently published ‘Ease of Doing Business’ rankings by the World Bank Group is a testimony to Rwanda’s growing economic stature.

Analysis: Bhasker Reddy

Design: Ankita Dash


Are you a Taco or Burrito?

Gramener’s Rajeev analysed “a sample data set of menu items containing ‘burrito’ or ‘taco’ in their names. The data set covers 19,439 restaurants and similar businesses located in the USA”.  No clue what goes into the making of the Maryland Burritos & Florida Tacos, but one thing is sure – you need a fat wallet.


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Analysis – Rajeev D

Infograph – Ankita Dash

Data Source –