Deloitte Fast 50 Award

Yesterday, Gramener won the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award.

Yash and Mayank receiving the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award

This award is given to Indian tech­no­logy com­pan­ies that clocked a high growth. Gramener ranked 20th with a growth rate of 257%. (Last year, we were ranked 8th with a growth of 477%.)

Our con­grat­u­la­tions to all the win­ners.

Our con­grat­u­la­tions also ex­tends to those that didn’t make it this year. Growth is hard. Sustaining it at scale is tougher.

Two out of every three com­pan­ies fell off the Deloitte Fast 50 list from last year. Here’s look­ing for­ward to their re­turn next year.

  1. F1 Info Solutions & Services
  2. VMukti Solutions
  3. Ozonetel Systems
  4. Aurus Network Infotech
  5. Uniphore Software Systems
  6. Accelyst Solutions
  7. Striker Soft Solutions
  8. Happiest Minds Technologies
  9. Align Biz Technologies
  10. Vizury Interactive Solutions
  11. Vehere Interactive
  12. Tech Mahindra
  13. Incture Technologies
  14. HexaView Technologies
  15. Zifo Technologies
  16. Foradian Technologies
  17. Effectual Knowledge Services
  18. Astra Microwave Products
  19. Nitor Infotech
  20. Algoworks Technologies
  21. Qburst Technologies
  22. Quovantis Technologies
  23. Ardom Telecom
  24. Flutura Business Solutions
  25. Sandhata Technologies
  26. Pinnacle Infotech
  27. Elitecore Technologies
  28. e-Zest Solutions
  29. Winjit Technologies
  30. Daffodil Software
  31. Rock Forest Systems & Solutions
  32. Triassic Solutions

Sharing analysis

Here are three links that you should go through this week:

  1. If you’re look­ing for ways to share your ana­lys­is, RStudio 1.0 is out. The biggest fea­ture is R Notebooks, which are like Jupyter note­books. At Gramener, we’re us­ing RStudio server to col­lab­or­ate. Airbnb’s Knowledge Repo is an­other op­tion.
  2. If you’re fil­ter­ing data, be aware of Simpson’s para­dox. It ex­plains how Derek Jeter’s bat­ting av­er­age is higher than David Justice’s though the lat­ter per­formed bet­ter every year.
  3. Prepare for data sci­ence in­ter­views with this com­pil­a­tion of 109 data sci­ence in­ter­view ques­tions.

Speaking of Simpson’s para­dox, be wary of stat­ist­ic­al sig­ni­fic­ance as well: