Prepared to be President


Did you notice something in the 1st Presidential debate? Hillary did not mention Obama’s name very often. She made mention of ‘Obama’ only twice – once when she had no other go but to comment on the Obama birther issue and next when she had to comment on the Iraq war. What this shows is that Hillary is not riding on a feel-good factor that Obama has created but she is showing herself as a self-made and unique woman and that this election is about her and not Barack Obama. Trump on the other hand invoked Obama’s name too often perhaps trying to invite Hillary to defend ‘Obama’ and thereby make her look ‘incapable’, but Hillary was not falling for the Trump trick. She also was careful not to refer too much to her work as Secretary of state – she mentioned that only four times. Trump on the other hand kept referring to her time and again as ‘Secretary of State’. Hillary again was having none of that as she herself said ‘… prepared to be President’.


Here is an interactive summary of the 1st Presidential Debate. The entire sequence of the debate is visualized and layered with fact check data from Politifact. The question & fact check markers combined with the search feature help bring out hidden insights to the reader. Have fun!

To be, or not to be – and other questions


Today’s post millennial generation doesn’t waste time mulling over something. Why give your brain a workout when all of the world’s opinion for the most trivial, nonsensical query to the most hypothetical and everything in between is a ‘search’ away. Here’s a look at some of the popular ‘Should I…’ questions Indians have been asking on Google. The most popular ‘Should I’ questions in the India region have been mostly related to technology & gadgets – ‘Should I remove it?’ (Software), ‘Should I buy IPhone 5s’, ‘Should I upgrade to Windows 10’, ‘Should I update to iOS 9’ and so on.

There are also unhappy employees seeking the wisdom of the crowd asking ‘Should I quit my job?’ and you also have the strange ones – ‘Should I marry him?’, ‘Should I carry an umbrella today?’ Or how about this popular one? – ‘Should I die?’ One can only hope the search results for this one on page 1 offer some sensible advice. Pity Hamlet didn’t know about – it could have saved the Prince of Denmark a sombre soliloquy.


To see what else the world is searching for head out here.

You search for that on Google? Really?




Two decades ago you had to travel 5 kms to the local library in a crowded bus to fish for books as large as cement slabs to find out if Shakespeare really wrote his plays. After reading through 100 pages of the 500 page book you would return home with a paragraph worth of ‘research material’.

Today even before you get access to millions of records awaiting you, as you start typing out on Google ‘Did Shakespeare really write …’ autocomplete suggests few other popular related searches in your region. These autocomplete suggestions themselves are a hint to the ‘school of thought’ that exists around your search criteria.


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