The Speeches of Prime Ministers on Independence Days

Leaders across the world go to great lengths to deliver the right message on key occasions. India’s Independence Day speech that is delivered by the Prime Minister from the Red Fort has historically been looked up as a barometer for mood of the country.

On the eve of the 71st Independence Day, folk at Gramener took a swing at ‘PM speeches on Independence days’ and came up with the below Infographic. Given the pre-internet age in which Mr. P V Narasimha Rao governed the country we could only get best estimates about his speech. Defense of country and position against terrorism is a constant theme from our leaders.

Analysis: Divya Chokkakula

Design: Mamta Chudasama


The David Malan Difference

Gramener’s Mukul Taneja was analysing data of online courses offered by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) & Harvard & he stumbled upon this – In 2015, for the online Computer Science courses, Harvard had 300K students against MIT’s 250K despite MIT having 9 courses and Harvard having just one (CS50 handled by Prof David Malan).