A round-up of #Dataviz at Gramener in 2017

We’ve had a lot of fun at Gramener in 2017 creating some exciting dataviz. It is that time of the year to look back with satisfaction and also spark the desire to do even better dataviz in 2018. This post is a round-up of some of our favorite work this year.

Two of our dataviz properties found their way to Andy Kirk’s ‘Best of the Visualization Web’ in 2017. The interactive Elvis Presley Jukebox was a result of one of our experiments in creating data portraits.

Interactive Elvis Presley Jukebox

The exploratory viz on  ‘voting patterns of senators’ was the other to get listed in Andy Kirk’s Best of the Visualization Web in 2017. The visual techniques used in this work in particular inspired the data community to discussing merits and demerits of the representation. Dataviz guru Alberto Cairo described  it as a ‘simple but rich graphic’. Famed Statistician Andrew Gelman wrote a critique of the viz suggesting improvements – Alberto Cairo responded  with a powerful improvisation. Here’s how the original version looks.

Senator Voting Patterns


At Gramener we’ve done a lot of dataviz on Cricket already but we just couldn’t resist the temptation to create another one, this time an interactive infographic – Dhoni’s ODI Sixes

Dhoni’s ODI Sixes

In the guise of analysis we also had a lot of fun listening to Kishore Kumar.

Exploring the works of Kishore Kumar

We did an analysis on the Independence Day speeches of Prime Ministers.


Our folk too were bitten by the GOT bug.

Ned Stark Refuses to Die

We were not to be left behind in the iPhone mania as well.


Sketchnotes make excellent communication narratives. Here’s one of our sketches.


We tried our hands at different narrative techniques to communicate the enormity & context of numbers. Sometimes a simple juxtaposition of images & text helps like in this one.

Our designers had a great time at the design hackathon. Here’s the winning entry;

Winners – Design Hackathon

The runners up came up with some fantastic work as well. You can view them over here and here.

Other interesting reads include our analysis on Silk-Board traffic , the curious nature of names, the power of defaults & the different aspects of Data Science .

Hope you enjoyed our work throughout this year. We hope to bring you more exciting data visualizations, infographics, data stories & sketches in the forthcoming new year. Thanks for reading. Wishing you the very best for 2018.

Never Turn Off the Telly Until that Final Whistle is Blown – #Football

At half time you don’t have the game in the bag nor are you in the dumps. Until that final whistle is blown you better not brag and you better not cry. Take a look at the glorious moments of every sport and you will see scores of such how-did-that-happen moments – burnt to ashes at the end of half time only to rise like the Phoenix by the time the game is done. Oh and then there are those floating high at half time only to be brought cruelly down to earth at the close.

Gramener’s Rithul explored the Premier League data of the last 5 seasons and found some interesting stats of teams winning from losing / stalemate positions and viceversa.

Analysis: Rithul Krishnan

Infographic: Hari Nag

Rwanda Rising

Rwanda today is synonymous with ‘growth’. The Sub-Saharan African nation has taken long strides in building an economy that was once in rubbles. The recently published ‘Ease of Doing Business’ rankings by the World Bank Group is a testimony to Rwanda’s growing economic stature.

Analysis: Bhasker Reddy

Design: Ankita Dash