Introduction to Exploratory Data Analysis – A video lesson

It’s al­ways not ne­ces­sary to use ma­chine learn­ing al­gorithm for ex­tract­ing in­ter­est­ing stor­ies from data. Here is a video by Kathirmani Sukumar, Data Scientist at Gramener, which ex­plains data ana­lys­is sans com­plic­ated ma­chine learn­ing tech­niques. The video les­son will help in learn­ing how to ana­lyse data us­ing a few sim­ple (but power­ful) tech­niques based on Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) us­ing data from the sport of Cricket. It is use­ful for those who want to do data ana­lys­is, but are not sure of where to start and what to learn from. It also dis­cusses about ba­sics of data types, data muta­tion and uni­vari­ate ana­lys­is, and these tech­niques are do­main ag­nostic. One can ap­ply the same tech­niques on any data from any do­main. It fo­cuses on us­ing Pandas lib­rary for data pro­cessing and plot­ting the res­ults. The Jupyter note­book can be down­loaded from The next video in the series will be a les­son on uni­vari­ate and bivari­ate ana­lys­is.

Gramener wins at Express IT awards

Gramener has won the Silver prize in the pres­ti­gi­ous Analytics Solutions cat­egory at this year’s Express IT Awards. The awards were ad­judged by em­in­ent jury pan­el com­pris­ing of cor­por­ate strategists, aca­dem­i­cians and thought-leaders from the IT in­dustry. Team Gramener is proud to re­ceive the award from the Chief guest of the event , Honourable Union min­ister Mrs Nirmala Seetharaman.

Gramener at IODC 2016 in Madrid


Gramener’s COO Naveen Gattu will be speak­ing at the International Open Data Conference 2016 to be held in Madrid dur­ing October 6-7.

Naveen will be shar­ing his valu­able and in­ter­est­ing ex­per­i­ence with Open data. His talk will also cov­er how Gramener has helped or­gan­iz­a­tions mon­et­ize open data and its im­pact on busi­nesses.

IODC is the es­sen­tial meet­ing point for the glob­al com­munity to de­bate and study the fu­ture of open data. It brings to­geth­er groups from across the world to dis­cuss open data strategies, use and im­pact.
Titled “Global goals, loc­al im­pact” the fourth IODC will re­con­vene the ex­pand­ing com­munity to show­case suc­cesses, con­front shared chal­lenges, and helps en­sure that the community’s vis­ion and di­verse ini­ti­at­ives con­tin­ue to co­ordin­ate ef­fect­ively.