A side effect of demonetisation

How large is Rs 1,000 crores? Here’s a picture.

What Rs 1,000 crores looks like

Two years ago, when exploring the wealth of candidates, we put together a few visuals to show how large a bundle Rs 1 lakh would form, all the way up to Rs 10,000 crores — in denominations of Rs 1,000.

Post the demonetisation of these notes, we were amused to find that the top searches that led to our blog were:

  1. volume of 100 crore rupees
  2. indian money 1000 bundles
  3. what is the size of an 1000 thousand crores
  4. height of a bundle of 1000 rs notes
  5. weight of 1 crores in 100 rupees
  6. one 1000 rupees weight

For those looking for the answer: the notes don’t take much space, but they’re quite heavy.

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