Musical sunbursts

We of­ten won­der what songs would look like. Here’s our take on what Bobby McFerrin’s Don’t Worry Be Happy looks like.


This pic­ture is a spec­tro­gram of the song. It starts at the 12 o’clock po­s­i­tion, and moves clock­wise, end­ing at about 4:00 minutes. The in­tens­ity of col­our in­dic­ates the volume at dif­fer­ent fre­quen­cies – blue for high volume, red for me­di­um, yel­low for low and white for zero. The out­er ra­di­us rep­res­ents the lower fre­quen­cies and the in­ner ra­di­us the higher fre­quen­cies.

This sort of pic­ture al­most gives you a “fin­ger­print” of the song, and a feel for the kinds of ups-and-downs. For ex­ample, if you look at Bryan Adam’s Everything I Do, you can clearly see the light be­gin­ning, the some­what stronger middle; then a pause be­fore the 3:00 mark, strong again, and then fad­ing out.

Bryan Adams.Everything I Do (I Do It For You).mp3

For your amuse­ment, here are what a few more songs would look like – a mix of Bollywood, old and new.