Indians are in every corner of the Globe, who wants to visit our corner?

In 2015 more than 20 million Indians travelled abroad. In the same year India’s diaspora population was the largest in the world with 16 million people from India living outside their country.

These two figures made us curious to find out who visits India. The available credible public information came from, the original source being Ministry of Home Affairs. We were able to aggregate count of India Visa issued across Indian Missions abroad by year/ month/ date. The time period for which data was available is July 2010 till January 2014. Note: The published data was missing information from 33 countries with Indian Mission and 9 Visa Types.

Below are the insights gained after feeding the aggregated data through the Data Explorer tool


  • 2013 was the year in which largest count of Visa was issued
  • Most foreign nationals apply for Tourist Visa, followed by Business Visa.
  • In USA most of the Visa are issued in New York and San Francisco Missions and not Washington DC
  • Top 5 countries where most Visas are issued – Bangladesh, United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany and Sri Lanka
  • Top 5 countries where most Employment Visa, by count, are issued – Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, Korea and Australia.
  • Top 5 countries where most Student Visa, by count, are issued – Nigeria, Bangladesh, Korea, Yemen and France
  • Top 5 countries where most Missionary Visa, by count, are issued – USA, Armenia, Norway, Egypt and Kenya
  • Interestingly Pakistan is the only country where Pilgrimage Visa were issued per available data


  • Ministry of Tourism, Registrar General of India
  • UN Survey on International Migrant Trends
  • Ministry of Home Affairs


Data Wrangling: What, How and Why

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Gramener's CEO Anand and Senior Data Scientist Kathirmani


Over 90% of data science is about cleaning data – the process of loading, correcting and preparing the data for analysis. This is a tedious process. But what does it involve? What are the tricks of the trade? What tools and techniques make this easier?

Data is messy. (What a surpriise)
Data is messy. (If it surprises you, your career will be messy.)

Once we have the data ready, the toughest part is asking the right questions. Exploratory data analysis is about playing with datasets in a structured way to extract as many of the important insights as possible in a given time. What are effective EDA techniques? Is there a structure to this?

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