Method In Madness

Trump’s very pres­ence is chaos, but a visu­al­iz­a­tion of un­struc­tured data such as the Presidential de­bates sure does help identi­fy the ‘Method in Madness’. An Ivy League pro­fess­or look­ing at Gramener’s visu­al­iz­a­tion of the 2nd Presidential de­bate said, ‘A re­mark­able way to break down and fol­low what of­ten seems chaot­ic and ran­dom.’


At the CNN de­bate, with every fin­ger poin­ted at him for the sex-tape con­tro­ver­sy, Trump tried his be­st to de­vi­ate at­ten­tion us­ing his fa­vor­ite fear mon­ger­ing top­ic – ‘ISIS’. There were at least 19 in­stances where Trump men­tioned ‘ISIS’ while Hillary had men­tioned the same only 5 times or so. For more in­sights do play around with our visu­al­iz­a­tion of the de­bate.

The Las Vegas de­bate on October 20th is do-or-die for Trump. Can Trump do any­thing at all to bring life to his dead cam­paign? Irrespective of the out­come, there’s go­ing to be chaos at the de­bate – lots of it.

“Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t.”

– William Shakespeare, Hamlet

Gramener at CSI IT 2020

Gramener’s CEO Anand is speak­ing at CSI – IT 2020, the an­nu­al tech­no­logy con­fer­ence of the Computer Society of India, at Mumbai today.

CSI IT 2020 ConferenceThe event is fo­cused on Big Data Analytics & Cyber Security. Anand will talk about the com­mon is­sues people face when try­ing to ex­tract in­sights from data.

Slides for the talk are at

The Greatest English Premier League club?

Vinay Acharya de­fends the Red Devils not just with raw pas­sion but also with some solid num­bers.


In terms of EPL club fans, our of­fice has rep­res­ent­a­tion for clubs such as Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal. Barbs and taunts fly thick and fast, es­pe­cially on derby days. So we per­formed some ba­sic ana­lys­is to try to an­swer that ever so con­ten­tious ques­tion…Which is the greatest Premiership club ever?

We put to­geth­er a data­set of res­ults and goal stat­ist­ics for clubs, for the 21 most re­cent com­pleted sea­sons of the English Premier League. We left out the first 3 sea­sons be­cause they had 22 teams each, in­stead of the 20 teams-38 games norm.

Over these 21 sea­sons, 45 clubs have played in the English top tier. We in­cluded only those clubs that have been there for at least 9 of these sea­sons. Why 9? Well, we didn’t have the heart to ex­clude Leicester City, the reign­ing cham­pi­ons. In the pro­cess, we’ve left out many well-known clubs, in­clud­ing 7 that are play­ing in the cur­rent Premier League sea­son. But they are hardly con­tenders for the title in ques­tion!

First-off, we looked at the av­er­age season-end po­s­i­tion. Manchester United was top of this table, with an av­er­age po­s­i­tion of 2. Close on their heels were Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs and City, ran­ging between spots 3 and 8. Average num­ber of points per sea­son: The top 4 re­mained un­changed. City edged Spurs by a paltry 2 points – there’s some­thing about City and close fin­ishes isn’t there? Predictably, it was the same bunch when we looked at the av­er­age num­ber of wins per sea­son. The six usu­al cul­prits (along with Leeds) had the least av­er­age num­ber of draws per sea­son, ran­ging from 7.7 to 9.6. Seems like the big clubs pull no punches out there. At the oth­er end, we no­ticed that the 4 clubs with the most num­ber of draws per sea­son, Aston Villa, Toffees, Boro and the Foxes have all been steady mid-table clubs; their av­er­age po­s­i­tion be­ing in the 10-12 range. Maybe, play­ing for a draw provides a good risk-return bal­ance for the not-so-ambitious clubs. Apart from the big clubs, Everton and Villa had played in every single EPL sea­son — that’s be­fore Villa got re­leg­ated in May.

The trend of Manchester United’s dom­in­ance con­tin­ued. They were the ab­so­lute be­st when con­sid­er­ing the av­er­ages for oth­er cri­ter­ia too: least av­er­age num­ber of losses per sea­son (6.1), most av­er­age num­ber of goals scored (75.1), least av­er­age num­ber of goals con­ceded (34.3), highest av­er­age goal dif­fer­ence (40.8), and the highest av­er­age num­ber of clean sheets (16.3). Do we have enough evid­ence to crown the Red Devils as the be­st Premiership club ever? Well, these num­bers point in that dir­ec­tion. But I’m sure rival fans would vo­ci­fer­ously dis­agree with the cri­ter­ia!