Gramener – professed as new frontier of India’s software industry by Economic Times.

India now becomes a tech hub, small cos bring smarter technology for local use

It is unlikely that Gramener, Anaxee and Stelling are companies that most people would have even heard about, but these and others like them could represent the new frontiers of India’s software industry.

Over more than two decades, India earned a reputation as the global leader in software outsourcing, but product companies perceived as the mark of a true technology powerhouse have been few and far between. With Gramener and technology product companies of its ilk coming up in large numbers across India, that anomaly is on its way to being set right.

From helping capture fingerprint and iris data for the Aadhaar card to crunching numbers so that chicken live healthier and longer, these companies are using cutting-edge technology to provide tailor-made solutions for Indian needs.

Selling innovative solutions for specific problems

The company that helps enhance longevity for chickens is Gramener, founded by former executives for IBM, Deloitte and Accenture, and based in Hyderabad. It does so by analysing data provided by Suguna Foods, its client and one of the biggest in the poultry business. Gramener finds disease patterns to let Suguna know what precautions to take and even makes recommendations about how much sunlight the birds must be exposed to, the type of feed, and even the structure of the shed in which they are housed.

Suguna, whose sales top 4,200 crore, has deployed an enterprise information technology system from one of the world’s largest software makers but it turned to the two-year-old Gramener to find answers to specific problems.

“Gramener’s business intelligence helps us take the right decisions at right time and we also get value for money,” said GB Sundararajan, the managing director of Coimbatore-based Suguna.

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