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Preparing for the next tele­com re­volu­tion

Katyayan Gupta, Analyst and Connectivity Lead, Telecom and Networking ser­vices, APAC & Emerging Markets, Forrester Research re­min­isces how the fo­cus of ser­vice pro­viders evolved over the last couple of years.

“The op­er­at­ors today are fo­cus­ing a lot more on the cus­tom­ers who are on-board, reach­ing out to them pro­act­ively, and provid­ing Value Added Services (VAS). This is the story of Indian Operators 2.0, which is all about VAS and en­abling in­tel­li­gent ser­vices to cus­tom­ers,” he says. Some of the key tech­no­lo­gies that the tele­com ver­tic­al has been in­vest­ing in in­clude busi­ness in­tel­li­gence and ana­lyt­ics, Big Data, pre­dict­ive ana­lyt­ics, Operations Support System (OSS), Business Support System (BSS), cus­tom­er ex­per­i­ence man­age­ment, so­cial me­dia, multi-channel in­teg­ra­tion of CRM, and tech­no­lo­gies to tap in­to the en­ter­prise mar­ket.

Forrester’s Gupta says, “Predictive Analytics will be­come very im­port­ant in the fu­ture. This solu­tion would en­able pre­dict­ing the be­ha­vi­our pat­terns of spe­cific users, en­abling the op­er­at­ors to provide per­son­al­ized solu­tions for in­di­vidu­al cus­tom­ers de­pend­ing on their spe­cific us­age pat­terns.

Big data mar­ket to grow more than 2 times by 2014

Banks, in­sur­ance com­pan­ies, em­ploy­ers, re­tail­ers, mar­ket­ing agen­cies, polit­ic­al can­did­ates, and more are us­ing pre­dict­ive ana­lyt­ics to gain valu­able, yet po­ten­tially wor­ri­some in­sights in­to people’s lives, such as when we’ll get preg­nant, wheth­er or not we’ll take our medi­cine, how we’ll vote, and even where we’ll be 24 hours from now. Driven by ad­vanced alog­ar­ithms and a seem­ingly end­less sup­ply of data provided by elec­tron­ic fin­an­cial trans­ac­tions, Internet activ­ity, and cell phone habits, re­search­ers are able to garner a pretty good un­der­stand­ing of what makes people tick.

Big data mar­ket is ex­pec­ted to grow more than two-fold to USD 153.1 mil­lion (around Rs 840 crore) by 2014, over the last year, on the back of huge growth in volumes and di­versity of data, a sur­vey has said.

According to IDC, big data mar­ket is likely to reach USD 153.1 mil­lion in 2014. Huge growth in volumes and di­versity in data are the factors lead­ing to the ad­op­tion of big data tech­no­logy among busi­nesses, the sur­vey by IDC-EMC said.

Data ana­lyt­ics driv­ing mar­ket­ing cam­paigns: Visa 

Digital tech­no­logy is trans­form­ing the mar­ket­ing func­tions. This edi­tion of Story Board un­der­stands how Visa- the elec­tron­ic pay­ment ser­vice pro­vider func­tions. Visa has been act­ive in India for 30 years now and has worked to pop­ular­ize the use of cred­it and deb­it cards in an en­vir­on­ment where 97 per­cent of fin­an­cial trans­ac­tions are in cash.

Visa’s mar­ket­ing dir­ect­or for India and South Asia, Shubhranshu Singh ex­plains how B2B busi­ness data ana­lyt­ics are used to de­code con­sumer trends and to cre­ate ad cam­paigns and to power all as­pects of mar­ket­ing.

The art­icle con­tains ed­ited tran­script of Singh’s in­ter­view to CNBC-TV18.

There’s No Panacea for the Big Data Talent Gap

The sur­vey of C-suite and ex­ec­ut­ive func­tion heads with re­spons­ib­il­ity for Big Data ini­ti­at­ives re­vealed that 85% of the or­gan­iz­a­tions sur­veyed had fun­ded Big Data ini­ti­at­ives un­der­way or in the plan­ning stage. The in­terest and com­mit­ment is real. What is less cer­tain is how these same or­gan­iz­a­tions plan to sup­port these ini­ti­at­ives from a busi­ness and tal­ent per­spect­ive.

Organizations ex­pressed ser­i­ous re­ser­va­tions about the tal­ent and or­gan­iz­a­tion­al align­ment is­sues that we see as a crit­ic­al ele­ment in en­abling or­gan­iz­a­tions to de­rive value and achieve suc­cess from their Big Data in­vest­ments. While Big Data holds the prom­ise of great­er speed, flex­ib­il­ity, and the abil­ity to un­lock new in­sights from large and di­verse sources of data, it has also raised ex­pect­a­tions, caus­ing some or­gan­iz­a­tions to cau­tion about what can be real­ist­ic­ally achieved in the im­me­di­ate term.

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