Gramener at OpenDataCamp

Our COO, Naveen Gattu, spoke about OpenDataCamp Hyderabad to

(OpenDataMeet is where)… all the data enthusiasts come on board talk about the data initiatives [and] what they’re doing… It might be NGOs, it might be the corporates, enterprises, academicians, everyone. The key goal is: how we can liberate data, get it into the environment so that it’s accessible for everyone; for public use, for enterprise use, for corporate use, for the whole benefit of the society.

We at Gramener, right from day one, [have] been part of Datameet. We are supporting this event. We believe it can make a strong impact to humankind.

So we at Gramener, (introducing to you Gramener: it’s an analytics and visualisation company) we convert numbers into pictures. What that means is: you have tons and tons of data, coming from different places. That might be social media, that might be enteprise, that might be corporate, your own spreadsheets — whatever it might be, (even) your mobile phones generate data. We take all those things from heterogenous data sources, process it in a non-traditional analytics way, and present it out in a visually appealing manner, so that the insights can be derived in the span of a second.

Essentially, (1) it enables you from a decision making perspective. (2) If you’re looking at 10 spreadsheets to make a decision, our target is: can that be made one spreadsheet, (and) still you get more.

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