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Global Survey Reveals Big Data Is Producing Big Returns; 73 Percent of Companies Have Leveraged Data to Increase Revenue

Eighty-four percent of respondents believe big data helps them make better business decisions. And 73 percent of companies have already used data to increase revenue by growing existing revenue streams (57 percent) or creating entirely new sources of revenue (43 percent).

Big Data Analytics: Unlocking The Hidden Value In Corporate Data

Achieving faster data analysis makes for a more responsive, productive business. Firms can analyse data and further improve decision-making cycles. The ability to query corporate data in real-time enables lines of business to gain vital new insights into  customers’ behaviour every day.

Asia Looking to Leapfrog in Big Data

Big data is being deployed in three key sectors— telcos because they have such large volumes of data; banks, which are less focused on unstructured data but want real-time high velocity analytics for fraud and risk management; and government agencies, primarily in intelligence, immigration and customs tax.

Pharmaceutical firms are also expanding their interest and some retail organizations are exploring big data, added Phil Carter at IDC in Singapore.

Banks harnessing big data to analyse customers’ shopping habits

Banks are teaming-up with retailers to target customers by analysing the customer data they collect more closely, according to Andrew Jennings, chief analytics officer at fraudulent data specialist FICO.

New software in place to keep tab on criminals

Data analysis tools used by banks to determine if you are likely to default on loan repayment,could soon help nab criminals. The National Crime Records Bureau decided to deploy data analytics to not only track criminals but also to predict incidence of crime in a region on the basis of past incidents.

Capgemini Report Shows Big Data’s Rising Impact on Decision-Making in North America and Globally

The Economist Intelligence Unit report “The Deciding Factor: Big Data & Decision making,” commissioned by Capgemini, reveals that nine out of ten business leaders believe data is now the fourth factor of production, as fundamental to business as land, labor, and capital.

The study, which surveyed more than 600 C-level executives and senior management and IT leaders worldwide, indicates that the use of Big Data has improved businesses’ performance, on average, by 26 percent and that the impact will grow to 41 percent over the next three years. The majority of companies (58 percent) claim they will make a bigger investment in Big Data over the next three years.

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