The Speeches of Prime Ministers on Independence Days

Leaders across the world go to great lengths to de­liv­er the right mes­sage on key oc­ca­sions. India’s Independence Day speech that is de­livered by the Prime Minister from the Red Fort has his­tor­ic­ally been looked up as a ba­ro­met­er for mood of the coun­try.

On the eve of the 71st Independence Day, folk at Gramener took a swing at ‘PM speeches on Independence days’ and came up with the be­low Infographic. Given the pre-internet age in which Mr. P V Narasimha Rao gov­erned the coun­try we could only get be­st es­tim­ates about his speech. Defense of coun­try and po­s­i­tion again­st ter­ror­ism is a con­stant theme from our lead­ers.

Analysis: Divya Chokkakula

Design: Mamta Chudasama

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