Let your customers talk

Here are three links from the data sci­ence world that are worth your time.

  1. Actionable data sci­ence in sales. Let your cus­tom­ers talk for 4+ minutes. Don’t talk about your com­pany for more than 2 minutes. And more data-driven ad­vice.
  2. How to get in­to nat­ur­al lan­guage pro­cessing. YCombinator has star­ted a series of blog posts titled Paths on get­ting star­ted with emer­ging fields. The first is on NLP.
  3. The cur­rent state of auto­mated ma­chine learn­ing. An over­view of lib­rar­ies that auto­mat­ic­ally ap­ply ma­chine learn­ing tech­niques to data­sets.

But re­mem­ber: amid­st all this big data, we have a big­ger small-data prob­lem.

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