Gramener at CapGemini Startup Day

Gramener was among 11 startups invited to Capgemini’s Startup Day 2016, Bangalore. The event, held on November 21, was a platform to exhibit the offerings by these enterprises before the Capgemini leadership, their Centre of Excellence teams as well as other employees. Also present were representatives from some of Capgemini’s clients. The other startups at the event operate in areas such as IoT, Blockchain services, VR, AI, Machine Learning, among others.

Vinay Acharya at Cap Gemini Startup Day 21 Nov 2016

Gramener’s Chief Sales Officer, Mayank Kapur, made an elevator pitch to highlight key information about the firm and our portfolio. The prestigious names among Gramener’s clientele evoked an evident response from the audience.

The key part of the event was showcasing our body of work at the booth. The eye-catching video running on our screen played a big part in capturing attention of the participants. In particular, Gramener’s Trade Analytics dashboard built for India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry was very well-received.

Audience interest varied over a wide spectrum. Some among the strategic leadership were looking to explore avenues of partnership with Gramener. They were keen on understanding the possible engagement models.

On the other hand, functional unit or client account heads were looking to understand Gramener’s offerings, and how Gramener was different Qlik Sense, Tableau and Spotfire. These discussions invariably gravitated towards the richness of visuals, innovative data representations, customisation, and ability to handle large-scale data.

Another aspect that drew a positive response was the fact that Gramener’s solutions included the consulting element, and thus would be better aligned with business requirements.

The self-service abilities of other visualisation products on the market was another focus point; visitors understood how that customer segment was different from Gramener’s.

Participants with technical leanings were curious about the technology stack underlying our Gramex product. Most were surprised that this was a home-grown platform, and did not make use of R, SAS, SPSS etc. under the hood.

An event like this leaves you amazed at the extent to which innovators in India are stretch technology, and more importantly, imagination.

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