Gramener Boot Camp and Outing

A few times every year, Gramener gets to­geth­er to share what we’ve learnt, and train those new to the fam­ily. Last week, our Boot Camp was con­duc­ted across mul­tiple loc­a­tions for the first time, with the team con­nect­ing from Bangalore, Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and New Jersey.

Gramener Hyderabad team at Boot Camp Nov 2016 Gramener Hyderabad team PMO session at Boot Camp Nov 2016

It was a packed two-day agenda:

  • On ana­lys­is, we covered our ana­lys­is of­fer­ings, Autolysis (our auto­mated ana­lys­is tool), and the Spectrum of Analytics, “From sim­ple pivot­ing to deep learn­ing”.
  • On tech­no­logy, we covered the on­line and self-hosted ser­vices we use for our in­fra­struc­ture, and on hand­ling large-scale data (in memory and in data­bases.)
  • On design, we dis­cussed Responsive Design, Data Infographics, D3 4.0 and its nu­ances, and our new chart­ing lib­rary Gramex Charts.
  • In our quarterly up­date, a key high­light as our Government work on Swacch Bharath, the Ministry of Commerce Trade dash­board, and Padma Awards.
  • Finally, we awar­ded the Knights of Gramener — the “Sparks” award for in­nov­a­tion, the “Design Artist”, the “Magician Analyst”, the “Safe Hands”, the “All Rounder”, and more.

On Saturday, our Hyderabad team headed out to Leonia and the Bangalore team to Guhantara to wind down.

Gramener outing Nov 2016

In all, it was an in­struct­ive and en­ter­tain­ing week for us — but that’s not all. We’d like you to join us as well. In a few months, we’re plan­ning a series of events (pub­lic data pro­jects, hack­a­thons, and train­ings) that are open to our cli­ents and the pub­lic. Keep a watch on this space.

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