Data Wrangling: What, How and Why

Gramener’s CEO Anand and Senior Data Scientist Kathirmani along with the Upgrad team are running a workshop this Sunday (23 Oct, 11:30am) at Koramangala, Bangalore. The topic is “Data Wrangling – What, How and Why?”

Gramener's CEO Anand and Senior Data Scientist Kathirmani


Over 90% of data science is about cleaning data – the process of loading, correcting and preparing the data for analysis. This is a tedious process. But what does it involve? What are the tricks of the trade? What tools and techniques make this easier?

Data is messy. (What a surpriise)
Data is messy. (If it surprises you, your career will be messy.)

Once we have the data ready, the toughest part is asking the right questions. Exploratory data analysis is about playing with datasets in a structured way to extract as many of the important insights as possible in a given time. What are effective EDA techniques? Is there a structure to this?

This talk is ideal for people interested in learning about data analysis, as well as analysts who are looking to improve their data wrangling skills. Join us!

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