Method In Madness

Trump’s very presence is chaos, but a visualization of unstructured data such as the Presidential debates sure does help identify the ‘Method in Madness’. An Ivy League professor looking at Gramener’s  visualization of the 2nd Presidential debate said, ‘A remarkable way to break down and follow what often seems chaotic and random.’


At the CNN debate, with every finger pointed at him for the sex-tape controversy, Trump tried his best to deviate attention using his favorite fear mongering topic – ‘ISIS’. There were at least 19 instances where Trump mentioned ‘ISIS’ while Hillary had mentioned the same only 5 times or so. For more insights do play around with our visualization of the debate.

The Las Vegas debate on October 20th is do-or-die for Trump. Can Trump do anything at all to bring life to his dead campaign? Irrespective of the outcome, there’s going to be chaos at the debate – lots of it.

“Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t.”

– William Shakespeare, Hamlet

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