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Drowning In Big Data – Finding Insight In A Digital Sea Of Information 

In today’s digital world, big data finds relevance across industry, government, science, public health and academia, however gaining insight from all this information has been challenging for most, until recently. According to an article published in 2014 by Harvard Magazine, entitled ‘Why “Big Data” is a Big Deal’, improved statistical and computational methods that involve linking datasets, visualizing data, and creating “big algorithms”, are the key innovations that will enable us to wrestle all this data to the ground. Taking cues from physicists and astronomers, who have long since worked with huge datasets, data scientists and social scientists are combining the quantitative with the qualitative to gain insight from big data. Big data analysis is actually creating a new field, with Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences working toward offering a master’s in Data Science.

4 Ways Interactive Data Visualization Enhances Digital Marketing 

Marketing techniques are often loud, annoying, and in your face. It’s gotten to the point where most consumers simply ignore these techniques, forcing marketers to come up with new ploys to entice customers. A new and exciting trend in digital marketing that consumers love is interactive data visualizations.

Here are a few of the most prominent ways interactive infographics are enhancing online marketing strategies across the board:
A Break from Data Dump
Data Becomes Engaging
More Shareable Content
Increases Visiting Time on Site

3 Ways Data Viz Fuels Better Customer Service 

The mobile device has transformed itself from serving rudimentary roles like SMS, alarm clock to complicated services like mbanking, mhealth, meducation etc. that it performs today. In light of this change, mobile has become a cornerstone of the global economy leading to new dimensions for business.

Thriving customer service drives business success. Happy and engaged customers save you money in the long run. In fact, it’s ten times more expensive to gain a new customer than retain the customers your business already has.
But, it’s harder than ever to keep customers loyal, as competitors are just a click away. Businesses need to pay attention to the customer service side of the business in real time—and data visualization enables that competitive advantage.

Keep customers around longer, and increase overall customer service, engagement and loyalty. Here are three ways data visualization can improve critical customer service and engagement KPIs.

1. Track and Improve Net Promoter Score
2. Visualize Brand Attribute Surveys
3. Maximize Customer Engagements

What Can Big Data Ever Tell Us About Human Behavior?

We are now solidly in the era of big data, where computers are capturing and processing the details of everything we do with all our interconnected devices in real time. Businesses see this as the Holy Grail for finally being able to predict who, where, and when customers will buy their existing solutions, and what their future solutions must look like to be attractive.

For me, the first step in understanding the potential is to better understand what human data really looks like as it comes in from all these sources. I found some help in this regard from a new book, “Humanizing Big Data,” by leading consumer researcher Colin Strong. I will paraphrase here the keys ways he outlines that our lives are becoming increasingly datafied:
Datafication of emotions and sentiment
Datafication of relationships and interactions
Datafication of speech Datafication of offline and back-office activities Datafication of culture

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