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Why is Andre AgassiLarge scale so­ci­olo­gic­al re­search has nev­er been this easy. Google’s search sug­ges­tions are based on what people search for on their search en­gine. This can be a fairly good re­flec­tion of what people are cur­rently in­ter­ested in, mak­ing it a power­ful tool for re­search. (You could also save these res­ults and look at them over time to see trends in these pref­er­ences, but that’s a top­ic for a dif­fer­ent day..)

So, to learn what ques­tions people are ask­ing about Andre Agassi, just go to Google’s search box and type “Why is Andre Agassi” and wait for a second. (People want to know why he’s fam­ous, why he’s bald, why he broke up with Brooke Shields, and why he wore a wig.)

Or, to see what India is in­ter­ested in learn­ing, just type “How to” on google.co.in and you’ll find – per­haps to your sur­prise – that Indians want to learn:

  • how to kiss
  • how to lose weight
  • how to down­load you­tube videos
  • how to get preg­nant (clearly less im­port­ant than kiss­ing well)

Search for How to on Google India

On the oth­er hand, the UK wants to know

  • how to make loom bands (but why?)
  • how to lose weight
  • how to make pan­cakes (which may not be a good idea if you want to lose weight)
  • how to write a cv

Search for How to on Google UK

The US wants to learn

  • how to train your dragon 2 (that’s the an­im­ated film)
  • how to tie a tie
  • how to hard boil eggs
  • how to lose weight

Search for How to on Google US

What’s clear is that people of all three na­tions have los­ing weight as one of their top 4 pri­or­it­ies, but vary quite a bit in their pref­er­ences oth­er­wise.

At Gramener, we put to­geth­er a com­pil­a­tion of the search res­ults for com­mon ques­tions.

Search for questions on Google

There are sev­er­al nug­gets in here. The world is gen­er­ally curi­ous about why Salman Khan is not mar­ried, and why he’s not in jail. But the pref­er­ence and or­der of ques­tions var­ies from coun­try to coun­try.

Why is Salman Khan

Focus on in­ven­tions vary a lot across re­gions too. Indians are the only ones who seem con­cerned about who in­ven­ted zero. For the British, foot­ball comes ahead of the Internet and Electricity.

Who invented

You can ex­plore these are more at https://gramener.com/search/

If you find any in­ter­est­ing query pat­terns please let us know either in the com­ments be­low or via Twitter. We’ll add it here.

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  1. I tried search­ing “lyr­ics of” in in­di­an and uk sites of google. Interestingly, “lyr­ics of desi kalakaar” is sought-after in both na­tions. Similarly, I checked AU site for “lyr­ics of” and found that 2-3 entries are com­mon between AU and UK.

    Just ex­pand this con­cept to many na­tions and you know the most fam­ous songs, and which songs have crossed which na­tion­al bound­ar­ies. Cool !!!

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