The Geography of candidate wealth

Now that ADR’s tab­u­lated ana­lysed af­fi­davits for all 543 con­stitu­en­cies, let’s see where the rich can­did­ates live. On meas­ure is to look at the num­ber of crore­pati can­did­ates.

Number of crorepatis by state

Uttar Pradesh, with over 400 crore­pati can­did­ates, tops the list. However, it also tops the list of num­ber of can­did­ates with over 1,250. The nearest com­pet­i­tion is from Maharashtra with un­der 900 can­did­ates.

Perhaps per­cent­age of crore­pati can­did­ates is a bet­ter met­ric.

Percentage of crorepati candidates by state

At this point, the pic­ture dra­mat­ic­ally changes. The Northeastern states have the largest per­cent­age of crore­pati can­did­ates. In fact, you may no­tice that these are pre­cisely the same states that had no can­did­ates with crim­in­al re­cords. Of the 51 can­did­ates stand­ing for elec­tions in Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghala, Mizoram, Nagaland and Sikkim, 28 can­did­ates (more than half) are crore­pat­is. In Uttar Pradesh, it is less than a third.

If we look at the total as­sets of can­did­ates by state, Karnataka surges to the top. This, of course, is the Nandan Nilekani ef­fect.

Net assets by state

(However, if we take the av­er­age as­sets of each can­did­ate, Meghalaya is com­par­able to Karnataka, with av­er­age as­sets of 21.6 crores per can­did­ate – again­st Karnataka’s 21.7 crores per can­did­ate.)

While Karnataka is a well known ex­ample of a single can­did­ate / con­stitu­ency pulling the state up, it is not the only such. Bihar is an­other such in­stance. Anil Kumar Sharma of JDU, the second richest with around Rs 850 crores of net as­sets, con­tests from Jahanabad, Bihar.


Other states have less glar­ing a con­trast. Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu have at 2 con­stitu­en­cies that have com­par­able av­er­age wealth. Guntur in AP has the wealth­i­est can­did­ates, thanks mainly due to TDP’s Jayadev Galla’s Rs 680 crores, but neigh­bour­ing Narasaraopet comes close with Ayodhya Rami Reddy Alla’s Rs 650 crores. In Tamil Nadu, Congress’ Vasantha Kumar’s Rs 290 crores at Kanniyakumari pulls up the av­er­age, but Sriperumbadur comes close be­cause of two can­did­ates – DMK’s Jagathrakshakan and ADMK’s Ramachandran, with ~Rs 80 and Rs 90 crores.

Andhra PradeshTamil Nadu

Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, also have a a num­ber of con­stitu­en­cies that are at least com­par­able to the con­stitu­ency with the richest can­did­ates.

MaharashtraRajasthanUttar Pradesh

We’ll leave you with a map show­ing the per­cent­age of crore­pati can­did­ates across all con­stitu­en­cies, just so you know where the wealth lies.

Percentage of crorepati candidates by district

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  1. Really in­ter­est­ing and in­sight­ful ana­lys­is. +1 for that!

    One ques­tion on a slightly tech­nic­al front is how do you cre­ate such neat geo­graph­ic heat­maps? What soft­ware do you use?


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