Update on the FIFA Design Hackathon

Ten people con­verged at Gramener’s Bangalore of­fice to scrape, ana­lyse and visu­al­ise foot­ball world cup data.

The ob­ject­ives were two-fold: to cre­ate some­thing use­ful (no mat­ter how small) in any shape or form; and to learn from the pro­cess.

We began at 12:00noon…

FIFA Design Hackathon 1

… did a quick check­point at 4:15pm to see where we were…

FIFA Design Hackathon 3

… and wrapped up by 6:00pm.FIFA Design Hackathon 2

(Photos cour­tesy Rasagy Sharma).

Updates were provided on the #fw­chack (Football World Cup Hackathon) hasht­ag. Here’s a sum­mary of what we’ve man­aged to come up with:

  1. A data­set with match res­ults and goal tim­ings for every fi­nal stage match since 1930
  2. A visu­al­isa­tion of foot­ball world cup ap­pear­ances by coun­try from 1930 – 2014
  3. Tournament by tour­na­ment data of fouls by play­ers in CSV, JSON and YAML
  4. A visu­al­isa­tion on how na­tions have per­formed in the FIFA World Cup
  5. Sketches for a so­cial me­dia dash­board and a world cup stat­ist­ics dash­board
  6. A count­down for the FIFA world cup with facts

The list is in­com­plete. We’ll hope­fully be adding in a few more items shortly – in­clud­ing a live Twitter ana­lys­er and a visu­al­isa­tion of the fouls data.

This hack­a­thon was just to get the mo­mentum rolling. Now that at least some of the data and design ideas are out, hope­fully we’ll see many more data visu­al­isa­tions in this space.

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