FIFA World Cup Design Hackathon

FIFA World Cup BrasilThis Saturday, the Gramener of­fices at Bangalore and Hyderabad will be host­ing a design hack­a­thon fo­cused on the up­com­ing 2014 FIFA World Cup at Brazil. This is open to every­one. So feel free to join in.

Our Hyderabad of­fice is at Madhapur, on the road op­pos­ite Raheja Mindspace. Our Bangalore of­fice is on CMH Road, Indira Nagar, ad­ja­cent to Matteo.

We’ll start at 12:00noon, and plan to wind up around 6pm.

Please drop an email to let­ting us know which of­fice you will be com­ing to, so we know how many piz­zas to or­der. (The menu may change.)

What’s a design hackathon?

In this par­tic­u­lar case, it’s a get-together of design, data and foot­ball en­thu­si­asts. The aim is to design dash­boards that visu­al­ise the FIFA world cup.

This could be a view of all past world cups; or a mock-up of a dash­board that shows live scores; or a scraper to pull the loc­a­tions of every goal scored so far; or a video that morphs faces of foot­ballers in­to one-another. Absolutely any­thing you want.

Our out­put could be in pa­per and pen; or a draw­ing in Illustrator / Inkscape / Paint; or a live dash­board web ap­plic­a­tion; or a video, or even au­dio com­ment­ary. Any form­at is fine.

When you’re done, please blog about it. Or we’ll share your work with the pub­lic on our blog if you prefer.

Why are we doing this?

We’re a data visu­al­isa­tion com­pany, and some of us are in­to foot­ball. This is our way of mix­ing work and fun.

Many of our me­dia cli­ents are also in­ter­ested in the FIFA World Cup. We’re hop­ing they might like some of your work too, and that you could work with them.

What do I need to bring?

Your laptop. Paper and pen, may­be.

Where do I register?

Mail and let me know which city you’ll be join­ing in at.

Remember, it’s this Saturday (26 April) at 12:00noon.


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