Banking on 800 million voters

Are we looking at 800 million hopes of having a better living conditions, low taxes, better health care, safety etc.? Do we know their expectation of the candidate they are voting for?

A million voters with zillion hopes! A survey conducted by Daksh shows some insights into what these voters look for, aggregated over each state. Does the North behave different from South India? Do Gujarat voters have the same preference as Bengal voters? Let’s have a look at some of the results from the Daksh survey.

Let’s check out the various parameters that voters feel are important to them while casting their vote.

How important is the candidate for our 2014 voters?

The map below shows that the voters in the Northern states of India feel candidate is very important. Looking closely, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Manipur consider this as a very important parameter.


How important is the candidate’s Party for our 2014 voters?

The results are amazing. Tripura, Maharashtra, Assam and Madhya Pradesh consider the candidate’s party as very important while casting vote. So can we say that some party dominates these states? Well yes, maybe we can draw upon such a conclusion when we look closer into the details. CPM dominates in Tripura, BJP in Madhya Pradesh, the Congress in Maharashtra and Assam. Will there be any change in the forthcoming results or will these parties continue to dominate these states?


How important is the candidate’s caste for our 2014 voters?

Gujarat and West Bengal feel that candidate’s caste is very important. The graphs show a very sharp difference with other states making Gujarat very prominent. This raises even more questions to dig deeper. The answers would definitely be solutions to many aspiring candidates for the next elections.


How important is the Party’s PM candidate for our 2014 voters?

Maharashtra and Jharkhand feel the party’s PM candidate is very important. So this makes Maharashtra a state where the candidate’s party and the PM candidate important. And our capital Delhi too. This definitely rings some bells.


How important is distribution of money/gifts/alcohol for our 2014 voters?

Amazing how different this is from other maps. The south of India favours distribution of money, gifts and alcohol. Comparing with the first map for candidate, we can find the contrast and the huge difference in cultures which influence our voting preferences and our expectation from the candidates. Gujarat is leading with other states like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka feel the same.


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