Pro and anti incumbencies

If there’s an award for con­sist­ency, there’s only one con­stitu­ency that would win that award: Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh. In every single elec­tion since India’s in­de­pend­ence, the con­stitu­ency has voted for the Indian National Congress. That’s a re­cord that no oth­er con­stitu­ency holds, though Nandurbar and Sangli in Maharashtra have also voted only for Congress since their in­cep­tion in 1962 and 1967 re­spect­ively.

Since its emer­gence in the 1980s, some con­stitu­en­cies have ex­clus­ively voted for BJP, and have re­mained BJP strong­holds.

BJP Bastions

The 8 con­stitu­en­cies that have voted for BJP in each of the last 7 elec­tions are Jhalawar in Rajasthan, Vidisha, Indore, Damoh, Bhopal and Bhind in Madhya Pradesh, and Surat and Gadhinagar in Gujarat.

In con­trast with these strong­holds, there are some con­stitu­en­cies that have strong anti-incumbent tend­en­cies. First among these is Bara Banki in Uttar Pradesh. In every elec­tion since 1957, Bara Banki has voted again­st the in­cum­bent. Gauhati in Assam and Monghyr in Bihar have a sim­il­ar re­cord, though they have both had only 13 elec­tions so far.


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