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EMC Forum Survey Reveals Big Data Adoption Trends in India 

EMC has re­leased the find­ings of a sur­vey that asked IT de­cision makers in India for their per­spect­ive on the chal­lenges and op­por­tun­it­ies that big data and IT trans­form­a­tion – and re­lated skills – can present to their com­pan­ies.
Findings from the sur­vey re­veal that while 26 per­cent of com­pan­ies have no cur­rent plans for im­ple­ment­ing big data tech­no­logy 91 per­cent of Indian busi­nesses agree that big data will lead to bet­ter de­cision mak­ing. Organizational cul­ture (35 per­cent) and an un­clear busi­ness case or proven ROI (28 per­cent) are cited as the most com­mon in­hib­it­ors to big data ad­op­tion.

Analytics Tops Utility List of Future Needs.

A re­port finds that util­it­ies want and need ana­lyt­ics but need lots of help get­ting the data in hand.

Data ana­lyt­ics re­mains one of the util­ity industry’s most chal­len­ging, yet most prom­ising, tasks to take on in the years to come.
That’s the news from a re­port re­leased last week by Capgemini and IDC Energy Insights, which found that data ana­lyt­ics is ex­pec­ted to be the trend with the most im­pact on the util­ity busi­ness over the next five years. At the same time, the re­port found that “des­pite the com­mon agree­ment that ana­lyt­ics will cre­ate value for util­ity op­er­a­tions and util­ity cus­tom­ers, util­ity re­spond­ents do not have a well-developed ana­lyt­ics strategy.”

Big data spend­ing to hit $16bn

Spending on big data tech­no­logy and ser­vices is likely to hit $16.9 bil­lion by 2015, said an es­tim­ate from mar­ket in­tel­li­gence firm IDC.

Big Data is rap­idly mov­ing from an ab­stract con­cept to be­come the core of busi­ness strategies across the Middle East, top IT lead­ers and in­dustry ex­perts agree, it said.

Over 40 per cent of CIOs in the re­gion have re­por­ted that they are scop­ing in­vest­ments in ana­lyt­ics and big data tech­no­lo­gies in 2013. This rep­res­ents a sig­ni­fic­ant spike in in­terest, said the firm.

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