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Gramener:  Carving its own niche in the Big Data analytics ecosystem

Founders: S. Anand, Naveeen Gattu, J. Ramachandran

Team Size:  50

Key achievement/project:  Gramener helped one of the largest petroleum companies in India to improve its distribution efficacy using its analytics and visualization

Started by ex-IBMers, S Anand, Naveeen Gattu and J. Ramachandran, Gramener focuses on data consumption solutions – irrespective of the size of the data so that businesses get enabled. Contrary to the industry notion of Big Data being the largeness of the data sets, Gramener defines “big-ness” of data as any size of data, which cannot be used effectively to make rapid business decisions.

While there are many companies — both startup and technology giants — data consumption solutions from Gramener have found their own niche in the Big Data/Analytics ecosystem.

“We are able to co-exist with these companies and in fact, symbiotically help their solutions to be consumed better by their customers. For example, we are helping a telecom customer by helping consume the Big Data produced by a technology giant who is the telecom giant’s IT partner,” states Ramachandran.

The company has created a technology platform (patent pending), which reads heterogeneous data sources in practically all data formats— both structured and unstructured – and prepares the data in a manner so that the company’s visualization servers can consume them and create quick outputs based on the data analysis. This analysis is presented to the customers in an easy to understand visual format, which can be drilled down for specific insights.

Gramener currently finds the North American market well poised to absorb data consumption solutions because data generation and availability have matured in these geographies and hence the need for coherent consumption has become more pertinent there. The company also finds the opportunity in India very exciting and plans to acquire more Indian customers.

“India primarily thought to be a skill-source destination is rapidly changing into a target market for businesses due to growth economy, purchasing power of consumers and massive infrastructure spend, etc. To serve and grow in this market place businesses need tools of today – Big Data and Analytics,” opines Ramachandran.

The company has customers in diverse industry verticals that use its Big Data offerings for all types of business functions like marketing, sales, distribution, etc. For example, using its analytics and visualization solution, one of the largest petroleum companies in India was able to improve its distribution efficacy. The solution enabled the petroleum company to view region-wise backlogs of the inventory via a simple drill down visual platform and make timely business decisions on distribution based on the same.

Apart from this, the company’s solutions have helped to bring in effectiveness for a worldwide clinical trial operation of a pharmaceutical company and enabled a telecom major to do variable marketing promotion spend based on coherent consumption of daily sales and competition data.

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